1954 Porsche 356 Pre-A

Chassis 51783 was originally delivered new in Germany and then taken to California in the late ’50’s.

Pre-A chassis number

She was taken off the road to be restored in the late 1960’s but she didn’t see the light of day again until 2012.

Pre-A as found 3

Originally Fish Grey with a black interior, she was repainted twice in her past but fortunately the car is complete and everything is preserved in boxes.

Pre-A as found 2

Pre-A as found

This saved the car as it has it’s original floors and virtually no rust. A big jigsaw to put back together but a great basis for a restoration…

Pre-A bare shell 4



The interior steelwork is just as good as the external shell and should require no more than two small repairs to be let in, one in the battery floor and the second for the base of the drivers B-pillar.




The current plans are to restore it as a gentleman racer. Think Denis Jenkinson’s 356 in the French Alps: standard exterior, full interior, but with a 912 race motor, half-roll cage, slightly lowered with 4.5 inch standard rims and wheel spacers, and FIA race equipment.

Pre-A Jenk's 356 Pre-A