1958 Porsche 356 A Super

The race car is a 1958 356A originally exported to California on 9 September 1958. She was used as a road car for the first 30 years then and prepared for VSCCA racing in 1990 – the SCCA logbook details exploits at familiar East Coast circuits. Vic Skirmants rebuilt the car as a Carrera GT, so it includes period correct wire-rolled bodywork (wing and apron edges), aluminium 10-louver engine lid, Plexiglas side and rear windows, 8,000rpm tachometer and VDO gauges, along with a half-loop roll-cage. Being a Californian car it was virtually rust-free and retains all of it’s original numbered panels. The car will be returned to its original metallic silver when the next ‘bump’ can’t be polished out!

Racecar at Silverstone

We’ve developed the car extensively over the past three years, in particular getting the bodywork lightened then ballasted in the passenger footwell to the homologation weight of 780kg.

Racecar - reducing weight 1Racecar - reducing weight 2

Ian spent a significant amount of time and effort developing the engine and getting the drum brakes to survive the rigours of endurance racing. We’ve also spent a lot of time on the suspension, getting the car to handle as well as the rear-engined layout and primitive swing axle rear set up will permit.




Here’s the car when it first arrived, testing at Goodwood. Which way does the first corner go again…?

Racecar - (Goodwood from above)

Racecar - (Goodwood paddock)

So to details. As with any competitive 356 race car it runs a 912 engine and features a Scat Super Lite crank, Carrillo rods, Shasta high compression pistons & barrels to give 1582cc, WPS ported heads, JPM custom valve train, Solex 40 P11-4 single shaft carb’s, a lightened flywheel and competition clutch, and custom front pulley, all delivering 176bhp at 7,300rpm on the rolling road.

Racecar - motor

The 741 gearbox has BBAB gears, a 7:31 R&P and LSD, with a Vic Skirmants Racing camber regulator, and custom solid gearbox mounts complete the package.

Racecar - Rebuilt gearbox with ZF LSD installed

The front suspension includes later (stronger) front spindles and a heavy-duty front sway bar. Braking is by original 60mm GT vented front drums with competition shoes and 356B GT-vented rears.

Racecar - GT drum

The car also has an 80-litre GT petrol tank…

Racecar - 80L GT tank

Old hydraulics, fuel lines and the original birds nest of a wiring loom was completely replaced…. Here’s the old wiring loom clearly showing why we needed to replace all these systems….

Racecar - rewire 2

For FIA Appendix K racing a genuine Porsche GT3 Recaro seat, plumbed-in fire extinguisher, Sabelt five-point harness, rain light & electrical cut-off have been installed.